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iFFALCON Televisions Price List 2022

iFFALCON Televisions Prices
iFFALCON 108 cm 43K61 ₹27,999
iFFALCON 139 cm 55K61 ₹35,999
iFFALCON F52 79.97 cm 32F52 ₹13,999
iFFALCON 126 cm 50K61 ₹34,999
iFFALCON 138.6 cm 55K71 ₹36,499
iFFALCON H72 139 cm 55H72 ₹56,999
iFFALCON K72 108 cm 43K72 ₹27,549
iFFALCON 164 cm 65K61 ₹56,999
iFFALCON 100.3 cm 40F2A ₹22,999
iFFALCON K72 139 cm 55K72 ₹42,999
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