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Hicks Digital Thermometers Price List 2022

Hicks Digital Thermometers Price List 2022
Hicks Digital Thermometers Current Price Lowest Price
Hicks DT-12 Hicks Digital Thermometer DT-12 Thermometer ₹229 ₹190
Hicks DMT 416 Fast Read Digital Thermometer with Memory ... ₹249 ₹249
Hicks Oval Clinical Thermometer ₹413 ₹250
Hicks _DT_12 Clinical Thermometer ₹199 ₹149
Hicks MT-401 Digital Thermometer MT-401 Thermometer ₹239 ₹179
Hicks DT - 12 Digital Thermometer Thermometer ₹209 ₹169
Hicks Digital Thermometer ₹180 ₹115
Hicks DMT-423 Hicks DMT-423 Hicks Digital FLEXIBLE ... ₹234 ₹146
Hicks MT-401R Digital Thermometer fast read Thermometer ₹269 ₹184
Hicks __DT_12_ Clinical Thermometer ₹238 ₹188
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