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  • 3.8
    ₹250 ₹81069% Off
    Lowest Price₹205
    Highest Price₹250
    Quality 2.7
    Air Flow 1.9
    Value for Money 4.3
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    • 1 heat settings
    • 2 speed settings
    • Wattage: 1000 W
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  • 3.8
    ₹279 ₹1,00072% Off
    Lowest Price₹179
    Highest Price₹359
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    • Wall mount stainless hair dryer holder
    • Easy and convenient to install
    • Attractive and durable
    • Makes neat room, saving space
    • Occasion: bathroom,washroom,hair salons, etc
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  • 1
    ₹175 ₹99982% Off
    Lowest Price₹150
    Highest Price₹225
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    • Professional hair dryer with 2 Temperature Setting
    • Cool shot, Foldable handle & Cool Shot Professional Finger Diffuser
    • Air intake filter 2 speed settings
    • Rate voltage: AC220V, 1000W
    • Styling Nozzle and Hang Up Hook
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  • 2.9
    ₹318 ₹99968% Off
    Lowest Price₹257
    Highest Price₹350
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    • Power Consumption(Watts) :1800 || Heat Settings :2 || Foldable :Yes
    • Cold Air Feature:Yes
    • The hair dryer features a styling nozzle that is designed to push the airflow from the hair dryer to areas of your hair where you want it to concentrate the air.
    • The perfect Heat and speed, makes your hair soft, shiny,silky and smooth.
    • Easy to hold handle of this hair dryer is provides a firm grip when you curl or style your hair by blow-drying them.
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  • ₹729 ₹2,24968% Off
    Lowest Price₹729
    Highest Price₹729
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    • Compact sign This professional hair dryer comes in a compact sign which makes it easier to use. It also has an ergonomic handle which gives a comfortable and convenient hold.
    • Tactile buttons This professional hair dryer has multiple tactile buttons which let you control the vice easily and give you just the kind of drying you want. It has dicated buttons for temperature and speed control.
    • Gentle drying This hair dryer has variable heat and air flow settings. It enables you to control the amount of heat and air flow you need. This is important when your hair needs gentle drying. The gentle drying will allow you to dry your hair just as you want without damaging it.
    • Long wire This professional hair dryer comes with an attached long wire. You can use this dryer anywhere in your home even if your electric board is far from your mirror.
    • Large air inlet This professional hair dryer  has a large air inlet. This function reduces turbulence and lets the hair dryer's operation be more quiet.
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  • ₹729 ₹2,24968% Off
    Lowest Price₹729
    Highest Price₹729
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    • HAIRDRYER INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - Before plugging in check the voltage on the rating label corresponds to the local mains voltage.
    • As a general gui, use the HIGH heat and speed setting for rough drying for thicker hair, and the LOW setting for finer hair and more precise control when styling.
    • The cool setting can be used at the end to set the style. Wash and condition the hair, then gently towel dry hair to remove excess water. DO NOT use the hair dryer on hair that is dripping wet. Start styling at the back of the hair and work forwards.
    • Do not concentrate the airflow on any one area for an extend period of time.
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  • ₹150 ₹69979% Off
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    • -Light weight styling nozzle foldable handle.
    • Heat settings and easy to use,2 speed settings,Power Consumption: 1000 W,1.8 m cord length
    • Package included :- 1 x hair dryer hair, Power:1000 Watt, Voltage:AC220V, Frequency:50HZ, Color will be send as per stock avilability
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  • ₹154 ₹49969% Off
    Lowest Price₹137
    Highest Price₹205
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    • hot and cold feature
    • water soaks into the core of hairs
    • useful for travelling
    • make your hairs with smooth and shine
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  • ₹755 ₹99924% Off
    Lowest Price₹624
    Highest Price₹755
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    • IONIC TECHNOLOGY REDUCE DAMAGE - The negative ions released by the hot air comb can increase the moisture of the hair, reduce the damage of the hair, nourish the hair, make the hair smooth, healthy, soft and without static electricity. ONE STEP HAIR DRYER & VOLUMIZER & STYLER - Perfectly combine a hair dryer with styling comb. You can blow-dry hair and make your hair curly or straight at same time! Frizz Free Salon Plus Blow-dry in Up to Half the Time.
    • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE HAIR DRYER - Heat/Speed Settings provide three options for your styling flexibility.1000Watt power provides just the right heat. With 360 Swivel Power Cord, flexible for easy styling and movement. Use it as a hair stiller, volumize your locks, make your hair curly or wavy and straighten it of course. Perfect for dry as well as wet hair.
    • Brush Design: Unique shape gently curved sides for smoothing and round edges for smooth volume and curled ends. ONE STEP HAIR DRYER & VOLUMIZER & STYLER - Perfectly combine a hair dryer with styling comb. You can blow-dry hair and make your hair curly or straight at same time! Frizz Free Salon Plus Blow-dry in Up to Half the Time.
    • AUTONOMOUS ADJUSTMENT: The bottom is a rotary adjustment gear switch, which can be adjusted to the current working state by rotation, and four gear positions are set: HIGH/MIDDLE/ /OFF prompt light to easily identify the current gear position. “HIGH " for thick hair, "LOW" for fine/damaged hair and "COOL" setting to set hair styles
    • Smooth Blowouts in up to Half the Time - POWER of a Dryer, VOLUME of a Styler. The hair dryer is 13 inches long with 2 inches shaft. Also it is 4 inches wide from bristle-tip to bristle-tip
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